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THE BARRRED - (Stylized as 'TheBaRRReD' or 'T.B') is an underground artists group creating many kinds of art like Music, Art, Games, Videos ... (All Projects are listed on the Websites) formed in 2010 by Viiolence & Weedman to make a mix of all music genres they enjoy. Later in 2013 They started to do a little bit of everything which was the biggest problem since everything was very raw and unorganized until 2016. Big plans of doing rap music, let's plays on YouTube or creating a online RPG Game were destroyed since there was not enough time, money, help and ideas back then. Since 2013 Viiolence was waiting for some more talented friends of his to join the group before he started to do it seriously. Anubis_tb, Vacui_tb, Dharkoustic_tb and Weezzy_tb joined the group in the late 2016 shortly before 2017 and started to help Viiolence out to manage all the projects. The Group was created to show everybody international what we were capable of doing if we just had the opportunity. Viiolence is the Leader of TB even if TB is not ruled by anybody since its more about trust, passion and friendship but somebody has to organize everything and he started it. TB tries to mix everything for people to show them they could achieve anything in their lifes if they try.


The Group is very open to peoples ideas and their art and there some big plans of giving back to people , to the Community as soon as the art makes its way to the big screen and many viewers because it was the idea behind TB to be the underground heaven for people with a dream.


Viiolence tries to prove everybody that you can go big if you try with the talent you was given no matter what it is. Shortly the TB was created to also help you reading this. TB wants you to check out all the underground art that has been pushed away by mainstream.


You can find all the Informations about TB on this Website.     

T.B ART                                                                                         

Our amazing, beautiful & talented 'Lavender Witch' is now on Instagram. Go follow @v4cu1.tb for unique artworks! 🌟✨

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It's 2017 and it's finally time for some real M.U.$.I.C !

Viiolence, Weedman & Weezzy work together on a Mixtape called 'T.B Life'.
For more Info on this project click  >HERE<


Review by Viiolence & Weezzy


Bad and Boujee !!!


There was never a rap group that we replayed as often as Migos.

The feeling, beat and text really hit you instantly and you will find yourself singing along with them.

Videoclip is very interesting and you can relate to this song for real. Shout outs to Offset for the hook and the first Verse cause it made this song so popular. Quavo really took this song to another level and its nice that Lil Uzi Vert is featured on this even if for us nobody really listens the song as a whole. If you replay this song you really want to listen to Offset and Quavo again. No disrespect but even if his fans like it so much he kinda doesn't take it serious enough with his 'yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah'. We feel like he kinda tried his best cause we know he ain't bad. His freestyles and songs are really 7/10 and he has enough time to morph and evolve to an amazing artist. Never forget that he is new to the game. Don't act like he's been here ever since N.W.A started it. He will grow and evolve and maybe get really good. The story goes like this: Me and Weezzy been thinking about which song we will listen to since we had no ideas and it was a pretty boring day 420 all day and sleeping while playing PS4. We were thinking about getting gold shine papers and Ace Of Spades and everything to make our own special day at the moment cause we were free from work and we work a lot in normal every-day jobs. Shortly before we went out it started playing Migos along with King Lil G's new song 'Different World' both starring Ace Of Spades and this 'I am the man now' feeling and we just went crazy. It's been many months and I find myself singing the songs lyrics at work. If you are not a fan of Migos please give it a try, just trust us. Ourselves as big fans of the history of rap 2Pac, Biggie, Eazy, Big L ... can enjoy this, so can you! :)



Music: 9/10
Text: 7/10
Video: 8/10


Final Rating 8/10 !