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Artwork: '3 Members' by Viiolence_tb
Artwork: '3 Members' by Viiolence_tb


'TheBarrred' stylized as 'The BaRRReD'. 
Artistic group Worldwide.
Our creations are called M.U.$.I.C
Active since 2010.

Started in 2010 with the idea to create music (mix of Metal&Rap) and a community obsessed with all kinds of Art & Creativity.
Now it's a International Group creating many kinds of music, art and expression.

TheBaRRReD are modern Artists, not a rock band. 
The 'Violent Cross' is our official logo since 2011

Everybody can join us but only a few can be the official members, others are the Owlsriot. Owlsriot are our Fans, they're allowed to do they Art and we do share it.
The only diffenrence between TB and OR is the position in our community.

Both 'TheBarrred' & 'Owlsriot' their Art will be published on the official pages.
As a member of Owlsriot you have to be a good artist so your work will be rated by us and shared everywhere, if you are a VERY good artist you can easily join TheBarrred and you can upload everything you want and join every event we do like live shows, fan meetings, videosclips and movies.

All the official members are the leaders of 'TheBarrred' but 'Owlsriot' has no Leaders.

To Join 'Owlsriot' people only have to fill out the 'Join Us' formular.
To Join 'TheBarrred' people have to be real Artists that want to help creating our music, videoclips and art. The fastest way is beeing a member of the 'Owlsriot' and being different than the rest of the people.

Members of  'TheBarrred' go by 'NAME_TB' and 'Owlsriot' Members go by the name 'NAMEOr'

Sample: Wezzy_tb, FaVVer_tb / KillaOr, AnnieOr

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1st Album DISREPUTE:Anthem of the Underground
Coming Soon (2014)

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