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Artwork: '3 Members' by Viiolence_tb / Hooded Men Pic from Internet-EDITED
Artwork: '3 Members' by Viiolence_tb / Hooded Men Pic from Internet-EDITED


'The Barrred' stylized as 'The BaRRReD' or also known as 'T.B' is a modern Art society where people meet to share their Talents with other people. 

It's a new, innovative way to bring hope and motivation to young people working hard to get noticed or kids who just need some help.

T.B was created in 2010 by Arek 'Violence' Skrzyniarz. It was a band that was supposed to create a mix of Death Metal & Gangsta Rap.

The Idea changed to a Society where everybody can show what ideas and talents they have in 2013.

The 'Violent Cross' is our official Symbol since 2011

Made by Violence & Weedman


Everybody can join 'TheBarrred' and help writing T.B's story that will last forever but only a few people can be official members that have permission to do anything they want on the official websites. It's a matter of trust and vision. 

Non-Members can just add '-Or' to their Name to support the T.B Movement. Or stands for Owlsriot.

Both 'TheBarrred' & 'Owlsriot', Art will be published on the official pages. The Difference is: the Art made by Owlsriot has to be checked by TheBarrred first to land here.

Viiolence is the founder & Leader of T.B.

Owlsriot is a equal place for everybody, there is no leader.

We are all equal here. The Art has to be checked first only for us to see if it matches the movement's goal.

To Join 'Owlsriot' official (that we know it and help you) you only have to fill out the 'Join Us' @ thebarrred.jimdo.com

To Join 'TheBarrred' people have to create something that can/will move TB and OR forward to our Goal of being a Legendary Art Community. 

Everybody has a chance, Looks, Race, Age etc.. doesn't matter at all.

We are happy to see Kids and Adults.

Members of  'TheBarrred' go by 'NAME_tb' and 'Owlsriot' Members go by the name 'NAME-Or'

Sample: Viiolence_tb, Weedman_tb / KillaOr, AnnieOr

M.U.$.I.C means:




I-nside (of)


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Category: Music
Genre: Rap

Project: T.B Life Mixtape
Date: Coming soon... 

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